Friday, October 27, 2006

I Just Voted!

I just voted, taking advantage of early voting, in the election which is officially Nov. 7.
I voted a straight Democratic ticket because I want to send a strong message to the Republican party that I am sick of their policies. Here in my home of Corpus Christi, Texas we had a few special items to vote on, notably the effort underway to give away our beach to rich foreign and out of town developers.

I voted to preserve our rights to the beach and to prevent any future city council from ever closing our beach to vehicular access. While I don't expect the Democratic party to prevail in the election I do expect our citizens to stand up to the beach takers, which includes all of our local elected officials except for a one city council member, John Marez.

The city council made sure this election was held now rather than in April when the mayor and the council are up for re-election. I intend to do my best to ensure that the city voters don't forget this.