Friday, June 30, 2006

Big Fish!

Here is a pic of a giant Whale Shark. What an incredible animal!
Another reason it is so important to do all we can to preserve the earth's environment.
A tip o' the hat to Priscilla at Water Weaving, where I lifted this pic!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Reason For Beach Giveaway; "Change Is Good!"

Picture of South Padre Island; Where's the public on the beach?
Caller/Times My View: Gail M. Hoffman
June 06/06:
A Total Distortion of Beach Issue, Facts!
Gail M. Hoffman, executive director of the South Texas Chapter of Associated General Contractors was the author of a pro-beach giveaway editorial in today’s Caller/Times.
Hoffman’s piece was mostly more of the same tired, old arguments she and others have been using; that is “…Being able to relax on the beach with no concerns over speeding drivers,” and “…The beach will be maintained to resort quality and food and beverage facilities will be available to all.” “We have over 80 miles of beach…” “The proposed beach to be restricted to pedestrians is only 7,400 lineal feet,” “The beach will not be closed to the public,” “Hundreds of construction jobs, ….Great job opportunities.”
To these she has added a new twist, “Change is good!” (paraphrasing here, to save the reader from barfing!)
There is no point here in refuting these misleading and erroneous claims, that has been done many times ad nauseum.
She then attempts to discourage people from signing the petitions circulating to stop this development and to place all future such plans before the public in referendums, not leaving these decisions to future city councils which will likely be in the pocket of developers as is the present one.
“I strongly encourage you to get the facts before you sign a petition opposing this planned family friendly beach.”
She then goes on to place a charge that has been used to smear those fighting to save beach access. “The members of our community opposing this change have historically opposed all changes that have been presented to our community in the last several years. From the American Bank Center and sea wall restoration to Whataburger Field, they have opposed these positive changes.” Now that is a blatant distortion of the truth and nothing but a case of the big lie.