Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disasters In Indonesia

This was forwarded to me from Drew Kampion:

Dear friends, family and fellow surfers,
As you might have heard a large earthquake struck off the Mentawai Islands of West Sumatra at 10:pm last night 25OCT10 geberating a large Tsunami that blasted into the Archipelago. Tsunami reports are still coming in, but a number of boats are missing, and I can tell you that at least two surf charter boats have been destroyed. We are all very concerned about the disappearance of the Macaroni’s resort and of the many smaller villages that have been erased. It seems Sikikap has been particularly wounded.
We are in Padang and we have assembled a Last Mile Operations team, chartered a boat and will be setting sail immediately to the Southern region of the Mentawai, closest to the epicenter where the damage is the most horrendous. On board we will be carrying vital aid and medicine and will be capable of operating an on board clinic and of carrying out Emergency evacuation if necessary.
Of course, Donations are badly needed. At this point we are doing this on credit cards.
Please, if you can find it in your hearts to help, know that you are pinpointing your donations to exactly where they need to be. There are two ways to do it.

1. Paypal
2. Direct deposit:

Matt George/Last Mile Operations
Bank of America
Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, Ca. 90292
Checking Account#0914602739
Routing: (Electronic) 121000358
Wire: 026009593

Thank you for your help, I will stay in touch with all and give you updates whenever I can.
Matt George
SURFER Magazine/SERF Academy/Last Mile Operations
Director of Field Operations
USA: 818.631.8148
Indonesia: +6281263292795


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