Friday, September 30, 2005

CJ In Mainland Mexico

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I took this pic with an old Minolta 35mm water camera with no zoom!

This is a picture of my friend C.J. Kuklinski
I took from the water way down in Mexico.
Fun waves that day!

Rincon Point

Rincon Point

I spent many years living in Santa Barbara, through most of the seventies, and this is the place of my dreams. It was as perfect as perfect gets when it happened there. I'm sure it still does. I last surfed there in the eighties and had many a good session surfing there on waves from two to twelve feet.
Long live the Queen of the Coast and good luck to all who ride her!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Surf From Hurricane Katrina!

Surf From Hurricane
Katrina at South Padre!
Photo by Wade Dunkin, surfer, Bruce Woods
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Willy Wipe Out, Surf Star! Save Our Beaches!

Local politicians are once again talking about closing our beaches to vehicular traffic. Oh they talk about safety and environmentalism. that sounds good to some at first blush but just look at what that means.
Safety is not a real issue. No roadway is safer than the beach. Accidents, fatalities and injuries are relatively rare there.
Driving on the beach does no damage as long as people stay where they are supposed to, out of the dunes.
The building of sea walls, buildings and, please forbid, parking lots, does damage the dunes and greatly adds to beach erosion.
The real reason this is once again an issue is that condos, hotels and developers want to turn parts of the beach into a de facto private beach!
If beach goers are forced to park in parking lots they will not be able to carry all of their gear easily to the beach. they will have to leave their vehicles in unsafe parking lots, subject to theft and vandalism and probably even more charges for beach parking, walk over hot asphalt and sand to eventually reach the beach.
Let's fight this all the way!